Oh boy, I think he’s sulking

Our favourite little cement mixer is having a distinctly bad day. So he’s sitting in the corner sulking, as any little mixer can only be expected to do.

If it wasn’t for our wonderful (Ed — replace that word as you see fit) Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt MP (Ed and you can probably replace the H as you see fit too) having just announced nearly 10,000 extra mental health jobs for the NHS, I would be seriously worried about its mental health. But now, thanks to Jezza, I know the littl’un is in good hands.

If it wasn’t bad enough when he was ignored last time they needed some concrete, they have really gone and done it this time!


That big white thing is pretty much a concrete factory. Most definitely usurping the original.

If you ever wanted to give a bit of kit a decent inferiority complex, that’s got to be a superb way of doing it.

We should start a fund-raising campaign to help support the junior of the two.
“Pennies For Piles” anyone?

(More about piles shortly, and not because I’ve been sat on my arse writing this for too long.)


Artwork #fail


Quality job.

Yep, sure looks professional. Totally “on brand”, presenting the University’s name in the best possible light. Or not.

On closer inspection, I think they could have fixed this, and still can. There is enough banner there to do it, they might just need to make 1 cut. The very right end is a separate piece, as is the very left end. So remove some or all of the right end, shuffle all the rest along so the it’s-not-a-logo is on a flat surface, and add the spare bit back in to fill the gap.

It’s probably only a hour’s work at most, as you can do it all from the top of the Folly. Just don’t attempt it on a windy day.

But hey, that might make it look good…

Anyone for Croquet?

This guy really does spend a lot of time making sure this site is flat. All day, very flat.

I can only hope it’s for the as-yet-unannounced croquet lawn that will be the ground floor, with the building on pillars above it. 

And if you’re reading this thinking “But it needs to be good and solid to build on top of it”, just remember that they haven’t dug out the entire site for the lecture theatre in the basement. 

We must have more mud.

making mud

Damn this dry weather. Building sites are supposed to be mud swamps. Like Glastonbury on a very slightly damp year.

Fortunately, we have the benefit of a tank from our sponsors Brendon Bowsers, an  advanced pressure supply and delivery nozzle, along with a highly trained and professionally certified Dihydrogen Monoxide Redistribution Technician.

And, like all workers using hazardous chemicals, he is being sure to wear a hard hat (in case any of the chemical should hit his head) and hopefully hermetically sealed boots to ensure his tootsies don’t get wet.

As you can see from the ground around him, he has been at it for a while already. Hopefully by the end of the afternoon, much of the site will have been soaked in this highly dangerous chemical and it will be restored to its correct muddy state. If this weather keeps up, he’s got a good reliable job here.

Signs FTW!


This is the footpath entrance to the Folly’s tunnel at the Salisbury Road (North) end.

Yes, the entrance. And it’s 2-way. I assume the bloody great No Entry sign is to try to stop the double-decker buses from going down it. It’s clearly not tall enough.

If the No Entry sign was on the corner of the curb, I could understand it. But it’s not, it’s the far side of the pavement.