Artwork #fail


Quality job.

Yep, sure looks professional. Totally “on brand”, presenting the University’s name in the best possible light. Or not.

On closer inspection, I think they could have fixed this, and still can. There is enough banner there to do it, they might just need to make 1 cut. The very right end is a separate piece, as is the very left end. So remove some or all of the right end, shuffle all the rest along so the it’s-not-a-logo is on a flat surface, and add the spare bit back in to fill the gap.

It’s probably only a hour’s work at most, as you can do it all from the top of the Folly. Just don’t attempt it on a windy day.

But hey, that might make it look good…

Signs FTW!


This is the footpath entrance to the Folly’s tunnel at the Salisbury Road (North) end.

Yes, the entrance. And it’s 2-way. I assume the bloody great No Entry sign is to try to stop the double-decker buses from going down it. It’s clearly not tall enough.

If the No Entry sign was on the corner of the curb, I could understand it. But it’s not, it’s the far side of the pavement.