Oh boy, I think he’s sulking

Our favourite little cement mixer is having a distinctly bad day. So he’s sitting in the corner sulking, as any little mixer can only be expected to do.

If it wasn’t for our wonderful (Ed — replace that word as you see fit) Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt MP (Ed and you can probably replace the H as you see fit too) having just announced nearly 10,000 extra mental health jobs for the NHS, I would be seriously worried about its mental health. But now, thanks to Jezza, I know the littl’un is in good hands.

If it wasn’t bad enough when he was ignored last time they needed some concrete, they have really gone and done it this time!


That big white thing is pretty much a concrete factory. Most definitely usurping the original.

If you ever wanted to give a bit of kit a decent inferiority complex, that’s got to be a superb way of doing it.

We should start a fund-raising campaign to help support the junior of the two.
“Pennies For Piles” anyone?

(More about piles shortly, and not because I’ve been sat on my arse writing this for too long.)


Artwork #fail


Quality job.

Yep, sure looks professional. Totally “on brand”, presenting the University’s name in the best possible light. Or not.

On closer inspection, I think they could have fixed this, and still can. There is enough banner there to do it, they might just need to make 1 cut. The very right end is a separate piece, as is the very left end. So remove some or all of the right end, shuffle all the rest along so the it’s-not-a-logo is on a flat surface, and add the spare bit back in to fill the gap.

It’s probably only a hour’s work at most, as you can do it all from the top of the Folly. Just don’t attempt it on a windy day.

But hey, that might make it look good…

Sad baby cement mixer

Long time readers will remember the brave lonesome cement mixer that had the mighty job of producing all the cement and concrete for the entire building.


The little dear was feeling really proud that it had been given such a huge job.

Well today, dear reader, they have stabbed it in the back.
Out of working hours, nonetheless!

This monster just showed up to steal all its thunder!


Note that it does of course take 3 guys to stand and watch. I guess the guy in yellow is more important.

And yes, the guy at the back of the photo is indeed praying to the God of Gravel.

Is The Folly now complete?

Yes I know, I bang on about The Folly.

But judging by the addition of lots of bits of yellow foam (to protect the scaffolding joints from being damaged by builders walking into them) as highlighted below


I really think it might be complete (for an indeterminate and probably varying value of “complete”).

It is now 3 storeys tall, and double-decker buses look tiny by comparison!
(The whitish building is 4 storeys tall — Ed)


I believe The Folly was intended to fit a double-decker underneath it. So why is it actually more like twice the height of a double-decker?

And someone somewhere must still think that the builders are going to prefer to climb up 3 steep flights of stairs one side and down again the far side, instead of walking 50 yards on the flat along Salisbury Road between the 2 sites. Who are they kidding?

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the wooden planks across the top are going to get kinda slippery after they’ve been soaking wet and growing moss for a winter or two?

Cloak Of Invisibility

As Nic suggested to me last week, these builders clearly believe the assumption that no one can see them, due to the 2m fence around the site.

They must think it’s a +4 Cloak Of Invisibility(tm).

If they thought anyone was watching, they wouldn’t do things like spend hours walking around the site staring at the mud, occasionally kicking stones to see if they’re bolted down or not. (To date, he hasn’t found any bolted down — Ed)

What they don’t appear to know is that people in the surrounding buildings have a far superior Cloak Of Invisibility(tm), resulting in us being able to watch them, without them ever realising it.

They remind me of human implementations* of The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, with which I assume you are all familiar.

* Not 100% sure that’s the best word, but it’ll do for now. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

Burying the bodies

Last week, our ace roller-driver made the entire site look like a bowling green (or was that croquet lawn? I forget now…). As a reminder, here he is at an early stage of the ironing:


And the watering-the-ground bloke had a pretty much permanent job. He was watering the ground so slowly that it was evaporating as fast as he could water it. Fortunately water’s cheap; he might as well as have been just spraying it into the air. And he was totally failing to make any decent quantity of mud, though that was presumably the main aim.

Well, after last night’s storm(s) I think they probably have enough mud for quite a while. The drainage of that site is remarkably good, and it didn’t flood at all. Not even the mass graves they dug yesterday!

Presumably for the sole reason of pissing off the roller guy, they dug up the exact bit of ground he’s carefully ironing in the photo above!


So much for colleagues appreciating the effort you put into your job. I’m sure ironing building sites is a very respected profession, and his work mates really don’t seem to care.

Their organisation is pretty impressive though. None of this “randomly toss the bodies into the hole” lark that the amateurs do. No, these guys have installed a flight of stairs so they can carefully position each body for maximum capacity. That’s what I call attention to detail.

Presumably by the end of the week they’ll have their (by then probably depressed) workmate come and iron it all flat again.

Other than that, most of the current “activity” is almost everyone else doing the arduous job of standing around with their arms crossed while watching the digger move mud around. That must be truly exhausting.

Anyone for Croquet?

This guy really does spend a lot of time making sure this site is flat. All day, very flat.

I can only hope it’s for the as-yet-unannounced croquet lawn that will be the ground floor, with the building on pillars above it. 

And if you’re reading this thinking “But it needs to be good and solid to build on top of it”, just remember that they haven’t dug out the entire site for the lecture theatre in the basement.