Piles. And signs. Again.

I promised you all some more details about piles.
(Ed — no, not that kind of piles, that kind of piles)

But like all people, the builders clearly spend most of their time staring at the ground 2 feet in front of them.

So they need lots of signs like this:


My apologies for the quality (or lack thereof) of the photo above. It’s a really small sign.

Because if you didn’t carefully read the signs, you would understandably miss this


in front of you.

After all, without the signs the builders might be able to sue someone when they walk across the site and smack straight into that teensy weensy pile driver.

Mind you, students would still walk into it as they would be staring at their phones full time. But you would at least have the fun of tripping up those who walked into the signs instead. I think we need more signs. I think we need a version of that photo with students zombies marching across it.

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