Oh boy, I think he’s sulking

Our favourite little cement mixer is having a distinctly bad day. So he’s sitting in the corner sulking, as any little mixer can only be expected to do.

If it wasn’t for our wonderful (Ed — replace that word as you see fit) Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt MP (Ed and you can probably replace the H as you see fit too) having just announced nearly 10,000 extra mental health jobs for the NHS, I would be seriously worried about its mental health. But now, thanks to Jezza, I know the littl’un is in good hands.

If it wasn’t bad enough when he was ignored last time they needed some concrete, they have really gone and done it this time!


That big white thing is pretty much a concrete factory. Most definitely usurping the original.

If you ever wanted to give a bit of kit a decent inferiority complex, that’s got to be a superb way of doing it.

We should start a fund-raising campaign to help support the junior of the two.
“Pennies For Piles” anyone?

(More about piles shortly, and not because I’ve been sat on my arse writing this for too long.)


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