Is The Folly now complete?

Yes I know, I bang on about The Folly.

But judging by the addition of lots of bits of yellow foam (to protect the scaffolding joints from being damaged by builders walking into them) as highlighted below


I really think it might be complete (for an indeterminate and probably varying value of “complete”).

It is now 3 storeys tall, and double-decker buses look tiny by comparison!
(The whitish building is 4 storeys tall — Ed)


I believe The Folly was intended to fit a double-decker underneath it. So why is it actually more like twice the height of a double-decker?

And someone somewhere must still think that the builders are going to prefer to climb up 3 steep flights of stairs one side and down again the far side, instead of walking 50 yards on the flat along Salisbury Road between the 2 sites. Who are they kidding?

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the wooden planks across the top are going to get kinda slippery after they’ve been soaking wet and growing moss for a winter or two?

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