Preparing for the VC’s address?


It appears the builders may have been given advanced notice of possible content of the VC’s all-staff address next week.

As they are such “considerate constructors” they have built us a gallows. Just in case anyone finds a sudden need for one and is lacking the requisite carpentry / Meccano skills.

I admit it’s a bit on the tall side. Fear not. There’s a cherry picker available to hoist yourself up with. They’re pretty simple to drive, you’ll work it out.

We’re going to get a proper crane!


That corner of the site is about the only bit that isn’t going to have part of a building on it. I think it’s supposed to be some sort of paved area.

If so, what are the realistic odds of it being either

  1. the best supported piece of pavement ever created, or
  2. the foundations for a fixed tower crane.

Personally, I’m betting on number 1. Far more likely.

P.S. The Folly is living up to its name, as we all knew it would. I have so far seen anyone crossing over it once, all the builders just walk along Salisbury Road. The latest cabins have even been put as close to Salisbury Road, and as far away from The Folly, as possible. I wonder how much money was wasted building it?

Working at the car wash (oh oh, yeah yeah)

They have managed to find another job to do that’s more interesting than putting up a building!

Welcome to the really-quite-rusty-and-not-particularly-shiny new Salisbury Road Car Wash!!!


Previously the truck had to stand on the ground, so couldn’t get the bottom of his socks properly rinsed off. Problem solved!

They do seem to be having a bit of a problem with the mud. They did make another stunning attempt to solve the problem. Last week they laid tarmac over the middle of the site where all the delivery trucks go. If the delivery trucks didn’t have to get their feet muddy, then the mud wouldn’t spread, right? After all, there aren’t any other vehicles that might need to cross the tarmac, thereby spreading the mud.

That worked beautifully while it was lovely and dry and they didn’t need to worry about the mud anyway.

Then it rained.


The bit between the red lines is roughly where their very nice black tarmac is.

Buried under the mud. Already.

Well that worked. Good job guys.

P.S. On a different topic, someone eventually noticed how bad the University sign over the folly looked. They’ve fixed it! Yay!

What’s this strange thing?


It looks vaguely familiar.
I think I’ve seen one of these before somewhere.
I’ve pretty darned certain I read about them in a book once at school.
Short word.
Might start with ‘H’.
It’s on the tip of my tongue…

If I stand in the middle of it, and you others all hold down the fencing in case it gets breezy again, I’m sure the word will come to me.

I’m remembering a sort of ‘O’ sound…

Nah, let’s get some tea instead.